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Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper Training Schedule for Fall 2020 

NorCo Rush provides specialized, individual training to our goalkeepers.  Compared to other youth soccer clubs who train their goalkeepers separately and in groups, we do not.  His sessions are done in partnership conjunction with the team head coach during the team practice. Goalkeeper, Coach Ryan Santos, will be at team trainings two evenings a week. 

Goalkeeper Training Schedule

Each session will be broken down by birth year, PLAYERS CAN ONLY ATTEND THEIR DESIGNATED TIME. With this in mind, any player that is wanting to try goalkeeping is more than welcome to attend.

Monday's: March 22 - May 11
    5:00-6:00 pm (2012-2011 Players)
    6:00-7:00pm (2010-2007 Players)

Tuesday's: March 22 - May 11 
   5:00-6:00pm (2012-2011 Players)
  6:00-7:00pm  (2010-2007 Players)

Goalkeeper Training

Training Curriculum Summary

Beginning GKs playing 7v7 and 9v9 (U9-U12)  The focus of the young keepers group is to establish a love of the position for young athletes.  This is an environment to help build confidence in these players while beginning to train in a disciplined and focused manner to help improves skills and knowledge of the game.  In this group players are still spending time playing on the field, we are looking to identify players that enjoy the position and possess the athletic ability to continue position specific training and compete as an elite goalkeeper at an older age.

Training Focus
Physically improve:

  • agility and coordination
  • hand-eye coordination
  • balance

Goalkeeper technique:

  • set stance
  • scoop save for low shots
  • basket catch for mid range shots
  • high contour catch
  • gathering high balls 
  • introduction to proper, safe diving technique 
  • distribution (throwing/bowling/passing)
Tactical topics:

  • Fun games that help GKs learn to be bold and brave!
GKs playing 11v11 (U13-U19) More advanced goalkeeper techniques are introduced to athletes, expanding off of the beginning goalkeeper curriculum.  Tactical issues of the game are now covered in training as the demands on the goalkeeper for the 11v11 format are higher.  This group is for goalkeepers that possess the knowledge of proper, basic goalkeeping technique but need further training repetition to perform proper technique consistently, in high intensity scenarios.  

Training Focus
Physically improve:

  • speed
  • quickness of first step
  • body mechanics to optimize body movement 

Goalkeeper technique:

  • forward smother
  • basket catch/high contour
  • gathering high balls
  • tipping/boxing
  • low collapse dives
  • mid range dives
  • distribution (throwing/bowling/passing/kicking)

Tactical topics:

  • positioning for crosses
  • decision making to tip, box or catch
  • 1v1 breakaway technique
  • positioning in goal when facing shots from angles and shots from distance
  • footwork variations to use in a variety of scenarios, to move as efficiently as possible to make a save
  • playing out of the back

2020-2021 Age Chart

U5 players born in 2016 
U6 players born in 2015 
U7 players born in 2014
U8 players born in 2013
U9 players born in 2012
U10 players born in 2011
U11 players born in 2010
U12 players born in 2009
U13 players born in 2008
U14 players born in 2007
U15 players born in 2006
U16 players born in 2005
U17 players born in 2004
U18 players born in 2003
U19 players born in 2002


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