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Jul, 2020

Annual General Membership Meeting

Membership is invited to 2020 Annual General Membership Meeting for Northern Colorado Rush Soccer.  This year's meeting will be available to our membership via zoom to ensure social distancing and safety for everyone.  The zoom information is below at the end fo this letter.  The Board of Directors will be in attendance at the NorCo Rush office for the meeting.

We are excited to announce open positions in our Non-Profit Board of Directors (BOD).  Whether you love the club or want to make a change, there's no better way than volunteering on the BOD.  Below is a list of positions that are becoming available.  If you are interested in becoming a board member, please submit a brief note to Ann Lacefield at [email protected] with the position you wish to seek and reason why you should be selected.  Your submissions should be submitted no later than July 17, 2020 at midnight to be considered.

  • Treasurer –   
    • As Treasurer you will oversee all financial accounts of the Club. 
      Present the monthly financial conditions using generally accepted accounting methods to the board. 
    • Work with appropriate Board members to oversee the development of a proposed budget by the April Board meeting. 
    • Responsible for preparing any and all papers regarding the tax exempt status of the Club. 
    • Along with other duties listed within the Bylaws.   

  • Director of Facilities/Equipment
    • Responsible for purchasing, disbursing, and retaining club equipment. 
    • Prepare and move field equipment prior to the beginning of each season, i.e. nets, corner flags, job boxes, clips, etc. 
    • Ensure the club's equipment policy is current and relevant. 
    • Secure game and practice fields for the season and field maintenance, i.e. field striping, goals, nets, etc. 

  • Director of Business Development – 
    • Shall be responsible for identifying, developing and coordinating fundraising activities for The Club, including tracking and contacting all volunteers interested in fund-raising. 
    • Shall be familiar with all State and Local fundraising laws and regulations in any state The Club operates. 
    • Shall be responsible for identifying, developing and executing on business partnerships within the community.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for any questions you have.


Chad Shaw
NorCo Rush President
[email protected]

Join Our Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 970 397 1128
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