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Mar, 2020

Individual Training Session 3.21.2020

Make this more enjoyable by doing it to music, play your favorite songs, stimulate positive thoughts, record it and share with friends etc and enjoy training, as training makes you better. Click here to learn more! 


Ball Mastery / Manipulation 


90-120 seconds of work with 45 Seconds of rest 

Equipment required

 Ball Cones / poles / towels / clothes / whatever you can for markers to dribble through / around  


Player works on Mastery skills through cones with an acceleration to the (pole, Mannequin, cone, chair, bucket, brother, sister, stuffed animal, whatever works)
Dribble down one side, and the back down the other side with opposite foot.
Skill 1 - Inside x2 - outside x2 (Single foot) Right foot down / left foot back
Skill 2 - Outside-inside (alternating both feet) Through cones - Alternating Both feet Down and Back
Skill 3
- outside sole roll back (single foot - into and out of same gate) Right foot down / left foot back
Skill 4 - Bell-Taps-Roll or Roll-Stop (alternating both feet) Right foot down / left foot back
Skill 5 - V-Pull x2 + Roll Stop (alternating both feet) Alternating Both feet Down and Back
Skill 6 - Roll-(right) Stop-(left) Out-(right) quick/sharp/aggressive movements Right foot down / left foot back
FOCUS ON: Tight touches (as quick as you can, but NOT quicker then you can) Foot mechanics and push vs kick Quality technique and control - over - speed and craziness


Whatever you can do down and back in 90-120 seconds of work. Challenge with tightness of cones, and speed of the movements. 


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