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How to Play at a Reduced Cost

NorCo Rush prides itself on providing an affordable and competitive experience. Soccer fees are a part of every club and it is a priority that we use registration fees for the best programming experience for our membership.  No child has ever been turned away do to financial concerns.  Through the Andrew Borg Helping Hand Fund, NorCo Rush provides a finite amount of funds to award each year, based on the club's annual budget. For this reason, the club has assistance available for a percentage of our participants who are eligible in a given year.  Please read below for more information on the program or contact the Club's Administrator with additional questions.

Andrew Borg Helping Hand Fund Assistance Fund:  In 1992, a fund was established in the name of Judge Andrew Borg, Jr. providing financial support to players who might not receive the opportunity to play club soccer.  Andy was struck down suddenly while driving home from a youth soccer game.  He has five sons who played in the club.  He was instrumental in establishing a varsity high school soccer program at District #6 while serving as our Board President, a coach, a referee and helped many families by purchasing cleats, membership dues and uniforms for players.  He was an avid supporter of the club and believed soccer was a terrific game building character and teaching young people how to persevere and be resilient.  

Financial Assistance Applicants are consider based on the following criteria:

  1. Financial Need - proof of need, as specified in the application, must be provided and will be held in confidential.
  2. Player's ability and potential for development in the club.
  3. Family's participation in the club and commitment to the club's mission.
  4. Download Financial Assistance Application 

How to Play for FREE or Reduced Cost:  Below is an easy, no-hassle way to cover all or part of your soccer fees.  Not having to sell anything or solicit money from family and friends.  It is flexible . . . . do one or both.  See how easy it is below: 

  • King Soopers Neighborhood Reward Program:  Your player will receive 4% of what you spend at King Soopers.  Reloadable cards are used to purchase virtually anything at King Soopers.  Your whole family can participate . . . mom, dad, grandparents . . . . get as many cards as your want. See below.
  • Bingo:  NorCo Rush being a 501(c)3, non-profit manages bingo on Friday nights in Greeley.  Volunteers who contribute their time on Friday evening's will earn $35 per volunteer for their soccer athlete.  Don't need to sell candy bars, cookie dough, or collect money - volunteer your time  . . . it’s that easy.   See below.
  • Discounts:  In addition, receive a $50 discount for registering on or before the set registration deadlines.  We also provide a multi-player discount.

Payment Plans:  in order to ensure that fees are manageable for all participants, Rush offers payment plans to the members. Members can setup a custom payment plan that works best for them.  Contact the Club's Administrator for more information.

Download Financial Assistance Application 


How all NorCo Rush teams will make money for team soccer expenses!

You can volunteer to be assigned more if you like.  Five volunteers are needed per bingo session.

  • 1 caller
  • 2 working the floor
  • 2 working the pickle counter

Workers earn $35.00/night for their team account. (Must be 14 years or older)
Time worked is 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

What can the funds be used for?

  • Uniforms (jerseys, shorts, socks, cleats etc.)
  • Registration
  • Soccer equipment
  • Tournament fees
  • Any soccer expenses

How does it work?

Each night you work, you will sign in for the player and team you are working for.  Once you have worked, money will be deposited into your team’s reserve account at the NorCo Rush office.  A bingo request form (it is online at is completed with the parent/guardian signature along with a receipt of purchase and then sent to the NorCo Rush office.  Once paperwork is processed your team will be reimbursed by check from the NorCo Rush office via mail. The amount reimbursed depends on the funds you have accrued in your team’s reserve account.  

Click Here to Sign Up

Bingo Reimbursement Request Form


A successful fundraising program right where you love to shop!

  • Your player will get 4% (currently 1% will go to the club to cover administrative costs) toward their soccer expenses.  As soon as you sell your cards and your supporters start to reload the cards you will begin earning!
  • Currently there is $2.50 loaded on each card.  You can add value to this card as a separate transaction when you check-out or you can reload at Customer Service.  There is a five minute delay before the funds will be available.
  • The cards are reusable and function as cash (they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen), if a card carries a zero balance for 90 days it will be deactivated and need to be replaced.   
  • These cards can be reloaded for any amount up to $500 and can be used indefinitely.
  • These cards can be used to purchase virtually anything at King Soopers except services.  Services include Western Union, Money Orders, Tickets West, Postage stamps, Lottery tickets, and other gift cards. 
  • This is a great fundraiser!   You commit no time once you have sold your cards, your supporters are not asked to purchase things they don’t otherwise purchase, the proceeds are ongoing.  $5,000 per year in reloads is a $250 return to your players soccer expenses!  $1,000 per month is $12,000 per year with a return to your player of $480.
  • To redeem your funds, fill out and submit a Request for King Soopers to the office.
  • If you can and would like to sell more cards please contact the office.
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