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Nov, 2017

Tournament Winners!

Tournament: Pueblo Rangers Showcase

Our Team: 2003 Girls Blue (Pagan) with guest players from 2002 Girls White 

Division: U16 (2002) Silver

Tournament Record: 2-1-1


Pueblo Rangers 1st Annual College Showcase Tournament
Langoni Field in Pueblo, Colorado Nov 11-12, 2017
Silver Division ’02 Girls Champions – Northern Colorado Rush ’03 Blue Girls



A Fantastic Coach Recap

The Northern Colorado ’03 Blue Girls with a few players from the Northern Colorado '02 White Team.  Together, 20 girls made the trip to Pueblo (2 girls were acting as team support since they were injured during the regular season). 

They started off a little rough, losing to Colorado Storm North ‘02G. During the game they showed signs that they could play with them but were not consistent.  They were down 0-1 at half and played much better in the second half to finally fall 1-4.  The 2nd game of the day was a much better showing against RFVSC ’03 Girls Elite.  They played a much more controlled game and both teams took turns being “the better team” on the field.  With a penalty kick awarded to Norco that was tucked away neatly, and a much more consistent 2nd half the ’03 Blue Girls walked away with a 5-4 victory!

On Sunday they played Broomfield ‘02G Vapor.  This was a tough, physical match that wore on both teams.  The 2nd half was very chippy, with several rough hits delivered by both teams.  The final score was a 2-2 tie.  Once the dust settled, our ’03 girls won the tie breaker with ‘02G Vapor because we scored a goal against Colorado Storm North in their first game of the tournament.

The Sunday afternoon final was scheduled...

Colorado Storm North ‘02G vs. Northern Colorado Rush ‘03G Blue.  

The first half of the match was about control, the Storm North team did a great job of overlapping up front, but couldn’t get a clean shot off on goal.  Northern Colorado Rush struggled with defending on the outside but were doing a really good job pushing the ball up thru mid-field to their forwards.  Pushing the ball outside and away from danger.  Storm North got a series of good crosses, one of which was placed in the goal by a great run.  The Rush girls banded together and came out of the half down 0-1.  But different from the first game they came off the field with energy, a discussion ensued about what they saw in the game, what they would change.  Coach’s Shawn, Ian and Mike discussed how to better “mark” players in the back. The need to swap out thru the midfield better.  Plus the team talked about communication – that communication was the key.  To make more diagonal passes to open the players up from the midfield and not to rely on direct forward balls.  The half started out fast.  Storm North was pushing their outside players hard.  

The Rush girls started to capitalize on getting the balls to their speedy wings.  Then they broke thru when Madison Vasquez found herself in left corner having beaten everyone down field, even her own team.  With help coming she had to hold the ball, she dribbled back, then turned in on the player covering her too tight.  She managed to dribble across the box, and made a turn and took a shot that resounded off the cross bar, right to the feet of incoming Madison Jo Mundfrom who took the one touch shot which bounced off the keeper. Mallie Blohm was crashing the goal and pushed thru the players and the ball with her body and sent the ball into the back of the net.  1-1. 

Storm North stepped up their play, they kept pushing the ball to the outside, driving to get into goal.  The defense was getting tired, the mids were running to keep up.  The coaches for Rush began moving mid field players around to cover the outside.  Storm North got a great chance as they made a run and the ball fell to the feet of one of their players.  Hailey ter Meer came off her line and gathered the ball at the feet of the Storm player sending her flying.  She placed the ball on a nice flight to the mid field.  The ball was passed outside to Madison Jo Mundfrom who dribbled at an angle toward the box, she was meet by a defender and she flipped the ball forward and ran around her.  As the defender recovered and got a shoulder on Madison, Madison let go with a shot to the far post, the keeper dove and missed the perfectly placed ball.  2-1 Rush was up. 

The battle continued.  Neither team let up.  Storm kept pushing the overlap, outside play.  Rush kept push the diagonal passes.  Both teams had chances.  Both keepers came up big.  Adi Cronk took a ball to the face and had to come off with a black eye.. one less midfielder to play.  Andrea Garcia got hit in the face and broke her glasses and had a cut over her eye… she couldn’t continue. As Storm kept taking more and more chances, they pushed the ball up their right side.  They pushed it up a little too far.  Hailey came off her line and met their player just inside the 18.  With the ball in her hands she launched a ball down Rush’s left side.  Katelynn Meritt found the ball at her feet and was running full speed… with 3:00 minutes left to go.   As she drove down the left side, the coaches were expecting her to drive to the corner or make a cross… instead she did the unexpected (and the perfect thing) and took a shot from about 30 yards out.  The strike was beautiful, hard and driven.  The keeper dove and was nowhere near it as it struck the back of the net.  The next 3 minutes were spent frantically playing defense, getting fouled, and using every last bit of energy.  At the whistle the Rush won 3-1. 


All in all it was a great weekend with a great group of girls.  In the end they all worked together as a team and deserved their well-earned victory.  It wasn’t easy and it was not handed to them.    While there are a few names called out above – the entire weekend was a team effort.   I want to thank Barber, Mallie, Abi, Adi, Andrea, Renee, Sami, Syd, Lilly, Mander, Katie, Jo, Alaina, Brooklyn, Lexi, Hailey and Madi (Whew) for listening, reacting, pushing, thinking, and working together as a team.   

Thank you to Eden and Lauren who showed up to support their team even though they couldn’t play due to injuries.    Thank you all for letting me coach you.  Thank you for doing what you were asked when you were asked to do it.  Thank you for listening and mostly thank you for being you.  


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